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After the loss of a loved one,  family members are faced with the realities of settling the estate while they are still grieving. The process of  estate liquidation can sometimes intimidate family members. Feeling confused is natural, too. One of the most frequent questions clients ask our estate sales agents is, “why is it appropriate to utilize an estate liquidator service instead of a garage sale?”  Regardless of where in the Bay Area the deceased lived, their homes may have valuable belongings that can translate into significant funds. Garage sale shoppers are looking for a bargain; rarely willing to pay the true value. Bay Area Liquidators work with trustees, fiduciaries, families and individuals to dispose of the deceased’s property at its true value.

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Are you an expert at appraising your loved’s ones furniture, jewelry, rugs? The estate sales help at Bay Area Liquidators included trained appraisers. We recognize the true value of the belongings. Our approach provides the family members with the highest financial gain. How are Bay Area Liquidators able to do that? We have removed the expense of a middle man; we are the buyers.

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The estate liquidation service from Bay Area Liquidators allows the estate to be sold at a higher value than at a garage sale or with a third party involved. We respectfully evaluate all of the decedent’s belongings to ensure that you receive its true price. Bay Area Liquidators sets itself apart by delivering the best price for collectibles, coins, precious metals and stones, while factoring in the need to efficiently settling the estate. Our process removes the hardship of estate liquidation so that you can move forward.

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Although a garage sale is an alternative to professional estate liquidation services, the result nets the estate at only a fraction of its true worth. The estate dealers at Bay Area Liquidators empathize with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to remove the hardship of settling the estate/ The process of parting with sentimental items is a stress-free with Bay Area Liquidators handling all aspects of the estate sale.

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