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One of the easiest ways to increase your financial gain from an estate sale is to cut out the middle man. That is the estate sale philosophy at Bay Area Liquidators. We are the appraiser and buyer of your fine rugs, furniture, paintings, antiques, coins, and jewelry (including precious metals, precious stones, and diamonds.) Our sales agents are professionals who work with trustees, fiduciaries, families and individuals. We are the Bay Area’s professional estate sale service.

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Liquidating the estate after the death of a loved one tends to be an emotional experience for surviving family members. Our estate sales agents empathize with our clients. Estate liquidation typically occurs as the result of a disaster. Bay Area Liquidators prides itself removing the burden during this sensitive time. It is often hard for surviving family members to put a price tag on family heirlooms. The estate sales agents will evaluate the contents of your loved one’s estate to accurately determine their true value.

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Bay Area Liquidators are the appraisers and buyers. Without the unnecessary middle man, we are able to save you expenses. Our ultimate goal is to expeditiously sell the belongings at the highest price and within the briefest time frame. Bay Area Liquidators handles all aspects of the estate sale, including evaluating, pricing, merchandising, and hosting the sale. Our estate sellers complete the task of settling an estate that is hard for the surviving family members to accomplish alone.

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