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Having to dispose of an estate can be a daunting prospect, especially when it is that of a recently deceased loved one. Bay Area Estate Liquidators understands the amount of work you face and the difficulty involved when the unexpected need arises. We specialize in every aspect of estate liquidation. Our “A to Z” estate sales agents possess all of the resources, contacts, knowledge and experience to handle every type of estate. From the initial contact to the final remittance of your proceeds, our caring professionals will treat you and the estate in question with the utmost honesty, sensitivity and efficiency. We can take care of everything for you from beginning to end.

San Francisco Estate Liquidation Services
Often, the mere thought of placing a dollar value on your or your loved one’s possessions can seem overwhelming. If you can’t spend months seeking appraisals and placing them up for sale in one venue or another, you should give us a call. Fortunately, we have in-house appraisers with plenty of experience. Bay Area Estate Liquidators not only specializes in the fair appraisal of jewelry, coins, precious metals and stones, antiques, fine furnishings and more, we also buy them. We eliminate the middleman for your high-value items and give you top dollar from your estate quickly.

San Francisco Estate Sales Services
In addition to buying the high-value items for the highest guaranteed payout, we’ll arrange for the estate sale liquidation of the remaining property. You can rest easy as we separate out those items you would like to keep then organize the rest for sale. We conduct all aspects of the sale from controlled access to the detailed accounting for your payout. We’ll place any real estate on the market. With our large network of contacts and marketing outlets, we can bring a rapid resolution to the estate while you can focus on those matters most important to you. We treat your items as precious and refuse to simply offer them for give-away prices. Our goal will always be to fetch you the highest prices on your goods as possible.
When all items that can be sold have gone, we’re happy to dispose of the rest for you. We’ll remove those items that you release for disposal so you needn’t deal with any leftover clutter in the estate.

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Whether you are downsizing, combining two households or, sadly, finalizing a decedent’s affairs, Bay Area Estate Liquidators has all the expertise and tools necessary to come in, make every arrangement and either buy, sell or dispose of every part of the estate. From real property, collectibles, personal property, automobiles, boats and motorcycles to ordinary appliances and everything else, the estate sale liquidation will be completed for you in all the details. Our estate dealers will do it all and hand you the highest possible payouts. The only finger you need lift is the one that points out what you would like to keep. Fast, honest, friendly and professional service is our promise to you.

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