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The death of a loved one carries with it a period of bereavement during which time many families and individuals struggle to part with the decedent’s property. Figurines, collectibles, fine rugs and furniture that once belonged to your loved one are not only sentimental, but also tangible reminders of memories made in the deceased’s home. Bay Area Liquidators empathize with our clients. We strive to make the estate sale as painless as possible. Our expert estate sellers professionally and efficiently liquidate the estate to enable the surviving family member’s closure.

Burlingame Professional Liquidation Services
Bay Area Liquidators utilizes a straightforward approach to estate sales. Our professional liquidation services is a full service “A to Z” estate sale service. During our initial consultation, the estate sales agent will explain our method of getting you top dollar for the estate. The Bay Area Liquidators approach to estate liquidation is to dispose of your loved one’s belongings in a manner that balances price and efficiency. Bay Area Liquidators strives to get you the highest payout in the shortest time frame.

Foster City Estate Dealers
Bay Area Liquidators is staffed with appraisal experts who are trained to recognize the true value of your loved one’s belongings. We specialize in jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, and antiques. Since we are the buyers and appraisers, we have effectively cut out the middle man. This translates to a higher payout for you; our client. We remove the burden of disposing of your loved one’s belonging.

Hillsborough Estate Liquidation Services
Bay Area Liquidators works with families and professionals; including fiduciaries and trustees. We communicate realistic expectations of the true value of the antiques, paintings, and other property. After the estate sale, we will dispose of the belongings pursuant to your instructions: donations or disposals. Ask our estate sales agent about our abatement service. Bay Area Liquidators prides itself on communicating with our client to ensure your experience is stress-free.

Half Moon Bay Estate Sellers
Our expert estate sales agents evaluate, price, organize and manage the estate sale from beginning to end. As our client, you are spared the burden of a lengthy, complicated, and time consuming liquidation. Our quick turnaround earns you significant financial gains without a lengthy delay. We remove the stress of settling an estate by liquidating personal property. After the death of a loved one, trust Bay Area Liquidators to allow you to move forward.

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