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When a loved one has passed on, settling the estate can be an emotional and challenging experience. Many of Bay Area Liquidator’s clients have never needed to liquidate a family member’s estate. Our professional estate sales agents recognize the uncertainty and hesitation that often accompanies parting with the decedent’s belongings. Furniture, antiques, and collectibles can hold sentimental value. Bay Area liquidators are prepared to assist you with this cumbersome task.

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Are you unsure of the value of the estate? You aren’t alone. Many of our clients were unaware of the true value of estate items, including coins, precious stones, precious metals, and furniture. The estate sales agents at Bay Area Liquidators are experts in the field of estate sales. Our professional estate liquidation service provides you with an on-site appraisal of your loved one’s belongings. As the appraisers and buyers, our estate dealers can offer you top dollar for the contents of the estate. How can we offer you fair prices? Bay Area Liquidators cuts out the middle man and directly buys from you.

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Bay Area Liquidators offers you fair market value for your jewelry, fine rugs, antiques, coins, and furniture. However, there are occasions in which the estate includes items that are best sold during an estate sale. At no additional expense to you, our estate sales help will organize an estate sale on your behalf. We notify serious buyers through our various networks. Prior to the sale, we price and merchandise the items for sale. During the estate sale, Bay Area Liquidators manages the sales, accounting, crowd control and security.

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The Bay Area Liquidators “A to Z” approach to estate liquidation eases the burden during this difficult time of grieving the loss of a loved one. Our ultimate goal is to exchange your loved one’s belongings for a fair price and in a short time frame. Bay Area Liquidators will not cause an undue hardship by prolonging the estate liquidation process.

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